How to choose a hairstyle? You might also be worried of choosing a best hairstyle for you. You can cope up with this problem by following provided tips on how to choose a hairstyle? Many factors should be kept in mind while choosing a hairstyle for example hair texture and face shape. You may be impressed of your friend’s pixie hairstyle or a celebrity’s long hairstyle, but those hairstyles might not be fit for you. That is why choosing best hairstyle for you comes with a great challenge. No matter your hair is curly or long, straight or rough, there is a perfect hairstyle for you that can make your looks better. Keep reading to find out the factors which may help you find the best hairstyle. So lets start solving our problem.

How to choose a hairstyle?

Determining your face shape to choose a hairstyle

Most face shapes are termed as Square, Oval, Round, Triangular, Diamond, long and Heart-shaped. Now the question arises, how to determine face shape? The procedure is not as difficult as you think. Stand in front of mirror and comb your hair away from your face. Now mark your face borders with washable lipstick or cold butter. This procedure gives the clear face shape.

how to choose a hairstyle
Taking care of hair textures while choosing a hairstyle
  • Round faces have a round chin and curved lines. Round faces better look with long and shoulder length bob hair.
  • Square faces are characterized by angular jaw, a broad forehead and wide chicks. Long sleek hair with cuts is more suitable for square faces as they will highlight your angular jaw.
  • Oval faces can have all haircuts. They are more similar like round ones. Experiment any haircut which suits your more.
  • Heat-shaped faces have pointed narrow chin and a broad forehead.  A short hair cut can turn heads towards you.
  • Triangle faces look beautiful with long hair. Short hair on triangle face can ruin the whole personality.
  • Long faces can have a large range of short hair variety. Similar to triangle faces, short hair for long face won’t be a better idea.

Keep Hair texture in mind while choosing hairstyle

Hair textures vary from person to person. Hair texture must be kept in mind while choosing hairstyle. Only few hairstyles will work with all hair textures. One can say face shape and hair textures are two parallel parameters to be kept in mind making final decision.

Think about maintenance

How much time are you willing to give your hair daily? If you think, you are quite busy and won’t have time to take care of your long hair, you should not opt long hair.


How to choose a Hairstyle was the question we tried to solve out in this article. Choosing a hairstyle according to your hair texture and face shape can add much value to your personality. You may think of adding different beautiful colors to your hair, but this is a secondary option.