Virtual hair makeover is a useful tool which allows you try virtual hairstyles on your uploaded image. The virtual hair makeover could be more helpful when you struck in deciding the best hairstyle for you. You get the choice to try as many hairstyles virtually as you wish and choose the one which you find more attractive. You can also choose a model to try virtual hairstyles on, but for the better results, you should upload your own image. You can experiment a long range of hairstyle including long hairstyles, short hairstyles, celebrity hairstyles.

The Virtual hairstyle makeover provides the best results when the requirements given below are fulfilled.

1.    Upload a photo in which you look straight on camera.

2.    Do not tilt or rotate your head in any way

3.    Make sure you have proper and even lightening on your face

4.    Make sure your photo is zoomed into your face

Virtual Hair makeover free

Virtual Hair makeover has built in hundreds of haircuts and while experimenting, try on hairstyles you might find the haircut which best suit you. Virtual Hair makeover is completely free and you can access all the haircuts with colors to try on. Virtual hair makeover has another brilliant feature which is makeup makeover. You might also consider your face shape and makeup style while choosing the best hair cut for you. That is why makeup feature is also embedded in the application.

Upload your photo, try Virtual hairstyle makeover free and share after makeover result with your friends and family by the sharing buttons provided.